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23 of February Defenders day


Great holiday - the Day of the Soviet Army - is celebrated on the 23 of February!Nowadays this holiday is called the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.This is a holiday of real men who are ready to sacrifice their lives to defend their motherland!You will certainly like these live wallpaper with HD background images and animation of flying red stars - the symbol of the Russian army!Features:– 10 background images with the attributes of the Soviet and Russian army in true HD quality– festive animation of "marching" red stars with hammer and sickle– it's possible to disable animation if you like unaffected backgrounds (simple slideshow mode)– it's possible to enable touch effect (stars fly away from the touch point)– background images automatically smoothly change each other (slideshow mode)– you can set the duration of image displaying and changing thus achieving the desired effect– supports screen switching (enable scrolling effect in settings menu)– reduced energy consumption– live wallpaper is free of excessive settings– occupies less space (in RAM and internal storage) than most of the similar live wallpapers– live wallpaper is free of charge (ads may appear in the settings menu)